Hi Julia, you actually write quite well. I hope you will continue to write. I am certainly interested in hearing what you have to say. I want to share with you my journaling experience. I have had a Facebook account for about 15 years. However, I have not been active in using it until four years ago. I am someone who enjoys discussions and I have been using Delphi Forums for that purpose. Four years ago, my impression of Facebook was that it is a place for idle chit chats. People post the pictures of their dogs, cats and other pets and they want others to “like” them. I did not take Facebook seriously as a place for thinkers and writers. But then I thought to myself, a social medium is up to us to use in a way that serves our own purpose. So, why not use it in a way which fits my own preference and philosophy? I started becoming more and more active in my postings on Facebook. I have created many groups. I have a group for photography, a group for Taoism, a group for Zen, etc. As for my own timeline, I primarily use it as my journaling place. Everyday, I share my thoughts, my inspirations, things that I find interesting. Over time, I have built up a big friend base which numbers around 1,500 people. With that many friends, I find that I can use my timeline as a sounding board. Sometimes, I have ideas which are only half-hatched. But when I post it online, the “universe” talks back. I find that it is an excellent writing tool. My journal is not a monologue. It has become a dialogue or a multiple-party conversation. Very often, a response from one of my friends will stimulate me and generate new ideas. I hope you will experiment with that too. It can be fun!

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